Music is pretty good. I like how it has sounds and stuff. I use my ears to listen to it. Your milage may vary.

Turquoise Hypotheses
An album created circa 2005 using a PlayStation 2 and MTV Music Generator 2, recently recovered from the MiniDisc recording I took from the PS2 around the same time.
Prostrate at the Feet of Giants
A collection of musical works created by me, using PreSonus' Studio One 5 (artist), using only samples of other artists' works. See individual track descriptions for details of who and what was sampled.
My Bandcamp Collection
Buying direct from the artist gets a 👍 from me, but the fucking vinyl revival asshats are trying to ruin it 😡
My Discogs Collection
One day I will may have my entire physical collection listed here.
My Hip Hop Collection
Genres 🤦
KISS My Ears
A "Keep It Stupid Simple" local audio file player browser extension with a stripped down interface for everyday enjoyment. Abandoned in alpha development; I'm developing a standalone desktop application in its place.